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A classic Peco steam train on tracks, with a Peco logo.

It is strongly recommended that the customer should purchase the applicable catalogs and other publications because many of the catalogs and publications include helpful guidance and information on the construction and operation of a model railroad.

All the Brands listed include products that can be used to build a railroad layout and / or a tram system.

Check your power supply before purchasing to determine whether it is 230V or 110V. The purchase of a power transformer may be required depending on the customers location.

These products are not toys and the recommended minimum age is 15. Customers under the age of 15, and customers who purchase these products for any person under this age limitation do so at their own risk.

On request, customized train sets or bundles can be assembled to suit the customer’s specifications.

Peco Locomotives/Rolling Stock

Peco – N Scale/Gauge

Peco – 00 Scale/Gauge

Peco – 00-9/H0e Scale/Gauge

Peco – 0 Scale/Gauge

Peco – 0-16.5 Scale/Gauge

Peco Track/Track Systems

Peco Digital/Power Control

Peco Structures/Buildings/Vehicles